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Pop-Up Playroom

The Pop-Up Playroom is ideal for weddings, holiday parties, corporate events and any private events for adults with young children invited.


With the Pop-Up Playroom, the children at the event are cared for and entertained in a separate room (ex. venue bridal suite, meeting room, hotel room nearby) while the adults enjoy the event.

 We customize our playrooms and activities for the ages of the children and type of event (no messy painting at formal events, of course!)


Our experienced sitters setup the playroom with tons of games, toys, arts & crafts, puzzles and more to keep the children busy for hours. 

Our Sitters are trained and vetted, and will make sure the children are safe and secure while having fun.

Includes: site visit (if necessary),setup and cleanup, child/parent registration, all materials, activities, toys and games, animators, meal supervision

Starting at $375.00

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Kids Table

Ideal for any child-friendly event, the Kids Table is the perfect place for the children to play, while being in the reception room with their parents.

With a variety of mess-free (yay!) fun activities for all ages like confetti playdough, simple crafts, tabletop toys, and more, there is something for everyone at the Kids Table.

The Kids Table is setup in the same room as the event, so parents can keep an eye on their little ones, or even join in on the fun!

Add Personalized Busy Boxes to your Kids Table for even more fun!

Includes: setup, table decorations in colours of your choice, activity placemats, tabletop toys, crayons, stickers, bubbles, playdough, crafts 

Starting at $295.00

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Busy Box

Ideal for parents attending events with young children, our Busy Box is a personalized activity box that will keep your little one busy and happy in their seat at the ceremony or reception of the event. 


Busy Boxes also make great favors/gifts from the bride and groom for the children at the wedding(especially the flower girl/ringbearer).

Available for ages 9-36mths, 3-7 yrs., or 8-12 yrs.

Starting at $24.00


Babysitter Service

The Sitter Service is ideal for child-free events, or for parents who intend to be out later than their child(ren)'s bedtime.


 One of our experienced and vetted babysitters will take care of your little one at the venue or in a hotel room nearby while you attend the event. 


The babysitter will bring some games and activities, and will consult with you on the child's schedule for the evening. 

The babysitter will maintain open communication with you at all times regarding your child.

The safety and security of children in our care is a priority for us, so we will make sure your child is safe, secure and having fun while you are out!

Minimum 3 hours


I Spy Busy Box

Ideal for parents attending events with older children, the I Spy Busy Boxes also make great favor gifts for the children at the wedding.


These boxes have cool I Spy themed activities that will keep both young and older children busy and happy in their seat at the ceremony or reception during the event. 

Available for ages 3-7 yrs., or 8-12 yrs.

Starting at $38.00

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