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  At Kidtabulous Event Childcare, our sitters take the time to make each child feel welcome and comfortable in the space with us and the group.

  We customize our activities and setups for the ages of the children, and provide a wide variety of developmentally appropriate and engaging games, toys and materials for all ages. 

  We ensure safety and security for the children with measures such as registration of children/parents, first aid kit, outlet covers, soft mats to play on, nametags with emergency information, low sitter-to-children ratios, and more. 

  Our team is hand selected and is made up of professional sitters who have experience working with children, are trained in first aid and have a clean background check, and most of all, absolutely love working with children!

We can't wait to party with your little ones, see you at your next event!


Why Choose Kidtabulous?

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